The Mustang, Norman and OKC orthodontists at Craig & Streight Orthodontics are putting you to the test. Take our fun quiz to see how much you know about orthodontics. Select true or false for each question to determine your smile IQ!

Orthodontics became its own dental specialty in 1900.
Orthodontists learn the intricacies of teeth straightening in dental school.
Braces will set off the metal detector at the airport.
In the 1900s, metal braces were made of real gold.
Invisalign only works for mild cases.
Archeologists found Egyptian mummies wearing teeth-straightening appliances.
NASA developed a common material used for orthodontic wires.
The Invisalign lab designs your clear aligners.
Your teeth move during orthodontic treatment because your bone breaks down and rebuilds.
The wire crib, the precursor to modern day braces, was invented in 1890.

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