Our staff put your needs first to achieve efficient and comprehensive treatment.

Our staff is trained and skilled, and we strive to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient. Each member of our treatment team are Certified Orthodontic Assistants and our office staff has several years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of care.

We strive to stay ahead of the very latest in technology and advances by regularly attending continuing education courses and seminars. Take a look below to get to know our team!



Office Manager

Traci is our go-getter, get stuff done, team leader, boss in charge. She keeps everyone in line, keeps us on time, and makes sure everything is in order for all of our awesome patients, staff and even the doctors. If you need something done you get Traci. That is how awesome she is. She also started working for the practice back when the founder, Dr. Mack L. Rose had Dr. Streight in braces!


Treatment Coordinator

Kim is one of our TCs which makes her one of the most important people in your new patient experience. When you come in for an exam you might be greeted by her smiling face! Kim also does a lot of our design work and marketing materials you get. Her claim to fame is helping Dr. Streight design our T-shirts (she designed the pink princess one)! She rocks!


Treatment Coordinator

Toni is the other smiling face you might meet when you come in for your first appointment with us! She is the office cheerleader...literally, she does a cheer everyday. She is a ball of energy and it was quite difficult to get her to stop laughing for the photo. She has worked in the orthodontic field for 3 decades!!! She is very excited to help you get the smile you deserve! Her favorite saying: “Everything is Awesome!!!”


Adminstrative Assistant

Laura is another one who has been with the practice since Dr. Streight was in braces! She works at the front desk and helps keep the office flowing. All letters, emails and office communication goes through her. She also helps schedule all your awesome appointments! She spends most of the week at the Mustang office. Fun Fact #1: her husband Tony was Dr. Streight’s high school baseball coach and made him run a lot. Fun Fact #2: She is the head of the office fun committee and our fun decorations and celebrations are planned by her!

Front Office Assistants

Nikki & Cerissa

Most the time you’ll see Nikki and Cerissa as our two-headed monster at the front desk in Norman. They are the bright, smiley faces that greet you when you come in and help you get checked in. You’ll also recognize their voices from all your phone chats when you call our office. Cerissa can also be found in our new S. OKC office. They’re happy and fun and love helping you out with anything you need in the office!


Insurance Coordinator

This is “Mama Judy”. We call her Mama because she is actually Dr. Craig’s mom. She has worked in dental offices the majority of her life and she is in charge of all of your insurance questions and needs. She has all the connections at all the insurance companies and knows exactly who to talk to to get it done. Do not stand in Mama Judy’s way when she is on a mission!!! You may see her around the office but most of the time we keep her locked upstairs in her room making sure she is on the phone with your insurance company! We let her out occasionally for good behavior.

Clinical Assistants

These next ladies are in charge of your experience from the moment you get your braces on to the day we all high five and take your braces off. They take your x-rays, change your wires, place your power chains, help you improve your brushing, and grill you about your rubber band compliance. Just remember: They follow Dr. Craig and Dr. Streight’s orders so don’t blame them if power chains aren’t fun!


Stephanie is the 3rd and final employee that was with the practice back in the Dr. Rose days! She probably did one of Dr. Streight’s retainer adjustments and told him to brush better. Stephanie is also in charge of ordering all our supplies and coordinating all of your lab appliances so that they get there and back on time. She also thinks Dr. Streight is the funniest person in the world and laughs at all of his jokes.


Kelly is the “sweet” one in the office. Like even when she is mad it is just kind of cute because she is so calm and polite about it. She is in charge of all of our Invisalign making sure we get exactly what we prescribed on time. Her only downfall is her husband likes the San Antonio Spurs. Go Thunder!


Sarah is one of our clinical coordinators. She is in charge of the flow of the clinic. She makes sure we are running on time and people are being seated and seen in the proper order. She has an infectious laugh and she laughs a lot. She is just pretty cool in every way. The most important thing to know about Sarah….she loves Pugs.


Savannah can be found in our Mustang locations and sometimes our new OKC location. You’ll know if she is there because this girl likes to talk. Also, I think she knows everybody in Mustang that comes to our office or at least someone they are related to or dated. She brings a lot of joy to the office and makes sure there is never a dull moment!


Brytnni is a wire-changing, scanning, impression taking, wire clipping, color changing machine. She is a huge football fan and considers herself the running back of the team. She’s the workhorse and she is going to get it done. Her husband is a football coach but she probably knows more than he does.


Jamie is the best wire-bender in the West. Is Oklahoma in the West? Maybe the Midwest...or the South. Perhaps the South MidWest? Either way she is good. She is also the resident baker of the group. She is constantly ruining everyone’s diets with her delicious concoctions. She is also OCD about cleaning so she helps to keep everything neat and tidy. We really couldn’t live without her...or her food.


Shannon is the girly girl of the office. She makes sure everyone knows what makeup to get and how to use it. She used to play basketball so she has a competitive side to her. She loves German Shepherds and is constantly arguing with Sarah over which is better...Shepherds or Pugs?


You’ll see Brittany sometimes. Other times we lock her in the lab. She is the one that makes all of your wonderful permanent retainers and clear plastic retainers. She is a lab tech extraordinaire but sometimes she breaks free of our lab chains and comes out to do some adjustments or an appliance scan. If you see her out tell her to go make more retainers.


Kaitlin is just starting her journey in orthodontic assisting. She is hardworking and competitive. She has a bright future ahead of her in this field. She is one of our younger employees and has never seen Ghostbusters or Jurassic Park. There is probably a lot more she has not seen. If you see her, throw out a movie and see if she has seen it. Preferably from the 80s or 90s. She probably hasn’t. She likes food. She talks about that a lot.